Q.  Where are you located?

A.  Old West Christmas Light Fest is located at Enchanted Springs Ranch, just off of IH-10 West, exit 540, at 242 State Highway 46 West in Boerne. Take exit 540 to Highway 46 and we’re just three quick miles up the road on Highway 46.

Q.  What days are you open?

A.  We open Thanksgiving night and are open Thursday - Sunday on the following dates:
     •  Week 1: November 24th – November 27th
     •  Week 2: December 1st – December 4th
     •  Week 3: December 8th – December 11th
     •  Week 4: We open DAILY December 15th – December 24th INCLUDING CHRISTMAS EVE

Q.  Can vendors sign up for certain weeks?

A.  Yes, you can sign up for 1, 2, 3, 4 or all 5 blocks. Scheduling is in a weekly block format. For example, when you sign up, you register for a full Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The only exception is the additional full week of Christmas which will include Monday through Saturday as well. 

Q.  Does my booth have to be open every day I’m scheduled to be there?

A.  Yes, your booth must be open all of the days you are scheduled to be there. If you are scheduled the entire season, your booth needs to be open every day the event is open.

Q.  Will booths be inside or outside?

A.  All merchandise booths will be inside. The area is a large indoor space that is climate controlled and supplemented with tower heaters. However, the doors will remain open and the area will be subject to some of the outside weather. Please prepare and dress accordingly. We have outdoor space and a dedicated area for food trucks as well.

Q.  How much space will be allocated to my booth?

A.  Each booth will have a 8x8 area.

Q.  Is electricity provided?

A.  No, there will be no electricity provided. Vendors may bring battery-operated lighting if they'd like additional lights at their booths.

Q.  Will there be Wi-Fi?

A.  Yes. Wi-Fi will be available, but does have limited reach. Please plan accordingly to supplement should the signal not be strong enough for your needs.

Q.  When can we set up?

A.  Thursday setup times are from 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday setup times are from 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM. All vendors must be set up and ready for guests by 5:30 PM on each day of the event. Any variations or requests for other times must be approved by event management. You can email us for special arrangements.

Q.  Can I leave my booth and materials set up between Thursday – Sunday?

A.  Yes, you may leave your materials, booth, and product set up each day between Thursday – Sunday. You must tear down Sunday night. If you are registered for the entire season, we will provide additional details. If you leave product overnight, the booth must be covered and all personal belongings and money box must be taken home. Food trucks may stay overnight as long as you have generated self-sustaining power to run your refrigeration.

Q.  What is the presentation required for my booth?

A.  Booths must be in good taste and representative of the product you registered for. If you change your mind or decide to offer products other than what you originally signed up for, we reserve the right to ask that it be removed from the table. You may email us to have written confirmation that your change has been approved. No verbal agreements will be approved.

Q.  Will tables and chairs be provided?

A.  No. We do not provide tables, chairs, or tenting. Please bring your own if necessary. 

Q.  Can food trucks or other food vendors sell drinks?

A.  No beverages are allowed to be sold. Beverages are sold exclusively through the event bars and beverage stands.

Q.  Will food trucks/food vendors be required to bring water?

A.  Yes. We do not provide water for cooking and cleaning.

Q.  Do food vendors/trucks need a Kendall County health certification?

A.  Yes, a current copy of your Kendall County health permit and a copy of your most recent health inspection report is required.  Please contact event management if you have any questions about food vendor guidelines.

Q.  I am an activity vendor and require that my equipment be cleaned during or at the end of each night, will water be provided?

A.  You will need to bring in your own water daily for cleaning. Drinking water may be purchased onsite or you may bring your own.

Q.  After I apply, when will I know if my booth has been approved?

A.  Please allow 2-3 business days for event management to review submissions. You’ll then receive an invoice and approval email that contains a confirmation and additional information. Your spot is not reserved until payment is received. If your booth is not approved, we’ll contact you explaining why and we’ll work with you to resolve the issue.

Q.  When do I need to pay for my booth and how will I be charged?

A.  Once your online registration is received, event management will email you an online invoice through Square. If you have questions or concerns, please contact event management for assistance.

Q.  What if my booth is not approved?

A.  We’ll contact you explaining why (that week is full, etc.) and we’ll work with you to resolve the issue.

Q.  Will there be duplicate vendors?

A.  Vendor spots are filled on a first come first serve basis. There is potential for multiple vendors with similar products; however, Christmas Light Fest is dedicated to providing a unique experience to every vendor and shopper at the event. Our event coordinators will monitor weekend availability and work to keep similar product booths separate to allow for the success for each type of vendor. 

Q.  What are the vendor fees?

A.  Please refer to the Vendor Fees section in the Vendor Information packet for more information. 

Q.  If I sign up early and plans change, will refunds be given?

A.  There are no refunds issued. Please contact event management if you have any questions regarding the refunds policy.

Q.  What if it there is bad weather, will I receive a refund or compensation?

A.  There are no refunds issued in the event of bad weather. For any questions or concerns, please contact event management.

Q.  Why do I need to provide my social media information?

A.  We heavily promote Old West Christmas Light Fest and we would like to highlight participating vendors. Your social media pages provide our team with photos and other details that will help us promote your business allowing us to tag you in our social media marketing efforts. If you don’t want to participate in our promotions, that’s OK too.

Q.  Can I advertise Old West Christmas Light Fest on my social media pages?

A.  Yes! We encourage you to promote Old West Christmas Light Fest and your business on your social media pages. Please be sure to tag us, too! If you would like to use pictures from our website and online, please let us know and we’ll share a file of images with you. We also encourage you to follow us on our social media pages and share our website and social channels with your followers. Remember to use the hashtag #ChristmasLightFest on your photos from the event!

Q.  Can my friends and family visit Old West Christmas Light Fest for free?

A.  We would love to have your family come out. We are a family-friendly venue offering live music and fun family activities. Family members that travel with the vendor in the same vehicle to the event may enter and enjoy the event. 

Q.  Will there be staff onsite to help during the event?

A.  We have staff onsite to answer any questions and assist during the event. You will be emailed the week you are registered and provided direct contact that will be onsite for any questions you have. While Christmas is a fun family season it can be very stressful as a vendor. We know that you will bring your best to our event and sometimes things can occur creating frustration or concern. We care about our vendor satisfaction and will do all we can to support you.