One of the things everyone enjoys about Old West Christmas Light Fest is right in our name: the Old West. Glowing with one of the best outdoor light displays in San Antonio, Enchanted Springs Ranch is home to an Old West town with 40 buildings brought to life, so it’s easy to feel as if you’re in another time. If spending a night in the lights in our Old West leaves you hankering for more, you need to hitch up your horse and go check out the Briscoe Western Art Museum where you’ll see colorful stories of the American West brought to life.


Maybe you’ve met Mickie, the larger than life buffalo that’s hanging out near the Old West playground. He’s roaming Enchanted Springs for the holidays, but he really belongs at the Briscoe. And so do you.


Thanks to a special partnership, you can check out Mickie’s digs and explore the Briscoe, a modern museum housing art and artifacts reflecting the history and culture of the American West. Everyone who enjoys Old West Christmas Light Fest is invited to visit the Briscoe for half-priced admission. Simply show your Old West Christmas Light Fest ticket at the museum to receive your discount. And if you happen to be a member of the Briscoe, you can receive a special discount on your tickets to enjoy the lights here at Old West Christmas Light Fest—contact the Briscoe for more details.

Even if you’re not a Western art buff, the Briscoe’s collection will lure you in. The museum’s collection highlights include large and dramatic displays of fine saddles and spurs; Pancho Villa’s last known saddle; an interactive diorama of the Alamo; Santa Anna’s sword (yes, THAT Santa Anna); a 16th-century silk embroidered Spanish saddle; a Comanchero jacket; a 16th century Manila Galleon trade chest and so much more. The permanent collection of Western art and artifacts includes special exhibitions that showcase the stories of the American Indian, vaquero, American cowboy, pioneering women and others that define the American West.


Named in honor of the late Texas Gov. Dolph Briscoe Jr. and his wife, Janey Slaughter Briscoe, the Briscoe preserves and presents the art, history, and culture of the American West through engaging exhibitions, educational programs and public events reflective of the region’s rich traditions and shared heritage. Located in a beautifully restored 1930s building that has a fantastic view along the River Walk, the museum includes an expansive courtyard and sculpture garden, a delightful stop as you stroll the gorgeous San Antonio river.

The tales told by the Briscoe spotlight a time when men and women were pioneering new territory, long before maps had state names or roads. The unchartered lands that lured people west were the backdrop for tales of glory and hardship. The story is uniquely American and the art that brings it to life is on full display at the Briscoe, making it a must-see for anyone who loves the West.


Galleries spread across the museum’s three floors feature historic and contemporary paintings and sculptures by Frederic Remington, members of the Taos Society of Artists, Maynard Dixon, Howard Terpning, Z.S. Liang and more. Visitors are greeted by John Coleman’s monumental bronze, Visions of Change, a stunning piece set in a lobby that is a piece of art on its own.


So come out to the Old West, then make sure to spend some time at the Briscoe Western Art Museum. It’s a sure way to corral some fun and keep the Old West spirit going strong.