Santa’s Holly Jolly Herd is one special crew. With no apologies to Rudolph and his friends, we’d like to introduce you to Santa’s Holly Jolly Herd:

You Know Tinsel and Grazer and Garland and Ranger . . .

Jingle and Duncan and Cindy Lou Moo—who is no more than two!—so Mama Moo-bell is joining the crew, along with Manu!

These eight longhorns, and their little cheerleader, Cindy Lou Moo, will dash, dance and prance their way across Texas in just a few weeks. And they’re working their horns off to make sure they get it just right. They want to meet everyone who comes out to Old West Christmas Light Fest, but they need their rest. Any idea how hard it is for a longhorn to fly? Even with Santa’s magic, it’s a lot of work!

Since they can’t stay up and party in the lights, we’re making sure everyone can get to see them during the Old West Christmas Light Fest scavenger hunt. Throughout the Old West, you’ll spot “Wanted” posters featuring the whole crew. Find all eight and get a sweet treat while you’re out having fun at Old West Christmas Light Fest.

To give you a sneak peek, here’s a bit about each member of the Holly Jolly Herd:

Tinsel: He’s probably the happiest to see the Old West decked out for the holidays. He just loves a little extra sparkle and Old West Christmas Light Fest is the perfect spot for him. He never fails to brighten things up for the team and is excited to make his flying debut because he knows how much Santa’s sleigh shines as it glides through the sky.

Grazer: He’s the happy go lucky kind of longhorn picked first for any team. He works hard, but enjoys his hay, and a good graze! Don’t let his snacking fool you: he’s working hard to make the team run faster and more efficient. And he’ll make sure there are plenty of snacks to keep the Holly Jolly Herd fully fueled on Christmas Eve.

Garland: Over the rainbow excited to be a part of the Holly Jolly Herd, Garland is everyone’s buddy, always hanging around. He’s curious to see what it’s like in other parts of Texas as he flies with Santa on Christmas Eve, but he really likes to hang around at home on Enchanted Springs Ranch and he’s excited to welcome everyone to Old West Christmas Light Fest.

Ranger: Shh … Ranger is no stranger to flying, or the law. He’s the longhorn with his shoulders back and his head held high, doing his job and keeping your presents safe. Presents never arrive broken or open when Ranger is on the case and porch pirates better beware: Ranger takes any and all crime seriously. He’ll throw criminals in the Old West jail and lose the key because longhorns might wear badges, but they don’t have pockets to hold keys.


Jingle: Dreaming of wearing bells and listening to them jingle on Christmas Eve, Jingle is absolutely tingling with excitement to be part of Santa’s Holly Jolly Herd. He never takes a day off from practicing his leaping and bounding in the way only a longhorn leaps and bounds. His landings are gentle and quiet, you’ll never have to worry about Jingle putting a hole through your shingles when Santa’s sleigh stops at your house.

Duncan: The real MVP of Santa’s champion team, Duncan stands the tallest of the Holly Jolly Herd. He and Manu tower over the crew. Calm and cool, Duncan delivers presents on time with a swoosh landing on rooftops. He’s Santa’s captain of the crew for sure. A quiet guy with a sneaky sense of humor, Duncan’s the longhorn Santa needs to make Christmas Eve a winner!

Cindy Lou Moo and mama Moo-bell: Mooooo-ve over boys, the Holly Jolly Herd is equal opportunity! Repping the gals on Santa’s crew is Cindy Lou Moo. She’s no more than two, and really, that’s just two months as she just joined the herd this fall. She’s not quite ready to fly, but her mama, Moo-bell, is as strong as any steer. She’s a mama, after all, and is used to making magic happen! No matter how tired she might be, she gets the job done, flying Santa and taking care of Cindy Lou Moo, too.

Manu: Santa’s seasoned flying longhorn, is not old, he’s experienced. He’s got some free time now that he’s not hoofing it on the basketball court. He’s been eating the good hay, exercising regularly, and has met and exceeded the standard flying longhorn requirements to pull the jolly sleigh. He doesn’t have to be the lead, he’s happy in the middle or pulling up the end – where he encourages the herd to fly higher and deliver more and more. Whether Manu is on the flying crew or just cheering them on, he’s always got our hearts.

Now that you know a bit more about them, we can’t wait for you to find them during the scavenger hunt. And when you’re roaming around the Old West, a few of them might be hanging around where you can say hi. If they’re hanging out in their pen, feel free to say Merry Christmas to them. Just remember to be kind and don’t try to pet them–Santa’s watching!

So from Santa’s Holly Jolly Herd, and especially, Cindy Lou Moo, get a mooooo-ve on and come have fun at Old West Christmas Light Fest! And thank you to DLMoore Photography for capturing Santa’s Holly Jolly Herd on film for us.

Ho, Ho, Ho! We can’t wait to see you in the glow!

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