When we threw open the gates for year one, we were just lights. In year two, we added Santa’s Village and it’s now a whole town brimming with holiday fun. But when you’re THE light event that everyone knows and loves, and you’re ready to be bigger, better and brighter, you need spark. You need magic. You need to be enchanted. That’s why Enchanted Springs Ranch and its amazing Old West town is the forever home of Christmas Light Fest and the best place to enjoy Christmas lights in San Antonio.
Old West Christmas Light Fest is homegrown, carefully crafted and curated to provide an authentic holiday experience with the best outdoor lights in San Antonio. Our lights are done with holiday love, spirit and five years of experience under our belts. Our holiday magic includes tweaks and upgrades from the feedback we’ve received from you, the folks who are gracious enough to share part of your holiday season with us.

We heard from light fans who said you can never have too many lights—and we’ve listened! But we decided to add a musical twist this year, so be ready to dance as lights dazzle and delight in our Old West Light Show. Our twinkling Texas flag that everyone loves to take pictures of? You know it will be back, brighter than ever and shhh … you might be able to take pictures with it. (But that has to be between us, OK??) And the stars you love will be gleaming as well.

So will the thousands, millions and billions of the rest of our lights. Well, maybe not billions, but to be honest, we stopped counting a long time ago. We started with two million lights in year one. We’ve added lights each year and now, we have a whole town covered in lights. Plus displays. Trying to count them all now? Nah. We’d rather just enjoy the glow!

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