Merry Christmas! Well, not quite, but here at Old West Christmas Light Fest, the big day is always top of mind. So whether it’s September, April, July or December, we’re always in the glow. We’ve been putting the holidays in lights since 2014, making this year our sixth anniversary! That’s right: Christmas Light Fest has been a part of your holiday celebration for six years now.

And the time of year we’ve been waiting for is here! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the wintery weather that we’ve been having and the holiday spirit beginning to course through the veins of folks everywhere, what better way to get into the spirit than to experience the San Antonio area’s most spectacular display of outdoor Christmas lights?

Old West Christmas Light Fest at Enchanted Springs Ranch is so much more than just an incredible outdoor Christmas lights display, and it has new activities and events that will please every member of your family. From grandpa to grumpy teenagers, we have you covered.

With fun, games, events, and the “big man in red” himself, prepare to have your mind blown at all of the fun and merriment that awaits you at this uniquely Texas Christmas experience in the Hill Country! Old West Christmas Light Fest is celebrating its sixth year so, in honor of the sixth year of the event (and our second year at picturesque Enchanted Springs Ranch), here are six reasons why you simply MUST visit Old West Christmas Light Fest in 2019!


1. A Synchronized Light Show
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably remember the amazing synchronized light show that made the Hinojosa family (earworm alert!) of Boerne nationally famous. This year, the Hinojosa family is coming to the Old West Christmas Light Fest and putting their musical talents to use at the ranch in an all-new Old West Light Show! Come witness, in person, this season’s viral sensation and listen for some local musical talents included in the playlist.

2. Laser Tag in the Lights
Do you know some grumpy teens (or grownups) who think they’re “too cool” to go look at Christmas lights with the family? Well, lure them to Old West Christmas Light Fest this year with the promise of an epic laser tag battle among the lights! What better way to burn off those cookies and take out your pent-up holiday aggression than a wholesome game of laser tag in the glow of Christmas lights?

3. Candyland Instagram
Feeling cute at Old West Christmas Light Fest. Might snap a photo in the Candyland Instagram rooms, IDK. Featuring the backdrop for the perfect Instagram posts, plan to snap an “elfie” in the curated Candyland Instagram room and watch those likes pour in.


4.Christmas Escape Rooms
Looking to challenge your brain a little over the holidays? Plan to gather your teams and participate in the new Christmas Escape Rooms at Old West Christmas Light Fest. Help save Christmas while you bond with your crew, family and friends. Save Christmas and have a holiday experience you’ll never forget!

5. FREE Games and Activities
There are so many fun games and activities at Old West Christmas Light Fest that you’ll never want to leave. With Jumbo Jenga, a scavenger hunt, light maze, and even cookie decorating, plan to spend a whole evening enjoying the festive atmosphere at the Texas Hill Country’s premier spot for outdoor Christmas light activities.

6. Santa Claus and his Holly Jolly Herd of Longhorns
You read that right: Santa Claus and his herd of Texas longhorns will be on hand every night during the holiday season. Sit on Santa’s lap and whisper your greatest Christmas wishes, then go and marvel at the horns on Santa’s Holly Jolly herd of real, live Longhorns. It just doesn’t get more Texas than that!

Old West Christmas Light Fest at Enchanted Springs Ranch is open Thanksgiving night through Christmas night from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. Located just outside of scenic Boerne, this is sure to become your family’s newest holiday tradition. We can’t wait to see you in the lights!

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